About the Chamber

The Baytown Chamber of Commerce is a business organization created to provide the leadership to enhance economic growth and a better quality of life for the Baytown area. During the Chamber year, your Chamber will work to ensure a healthy, vital community, for without that, business cannot prosper. The Chamber’s primary focus will be that of community development, enhancement and promotion. The Chamber will work in partnership with public entities and other groups and organizations to ensure quality development. In order to accomplish this, we need you. Our success is the result of dedicated, hard-working volunteers who have generously given support and leadership toward making the Chamber the viable, effective organization that it is today.

Tracey S. Wheeler, IOM

President & CEO

What is the Baytown Chamber of Commerce?

The overall objective of the Baytown Chamber of Commerce is to advance the general welfare and prosperity of Baytown area, assure effective government at all levels, and maintain a high climate for a sound, expanding economy.

Who are the members?

Just as financial investments by members range from a base to thousands of dollars, so do business firms on the Baytown Chamber’s membership roster range from small stores to large industrial and financial institutions. The Baytown Chamber’s membership is composed of more than just businessmen and women. Among the Chamber members are professionals, including physicians, dentists, educators, non-profit and public agencies, various associations, certified public accountants, attorneys, architects, engineers and representatives of other professional categories. You can view the diverse list of members in our Business Directory.

How does the Baytown Chamber of Commerce function?

The Baytown Chamber of Commerce is responsible to its members. Functionally, the Baytown Chamber of Commerce has a Board of Directors elected from its membership, and an Executive Committee composed of the Chairman of the Board, three Vice Chairmen, Secretary, Treasurer and Immediate past Chairman of the Board. From committee and staff recommendations, these two bodies determine Chamber policy.

How is the Chamber financed?

The Baytown Chamber’s budget depends entirely on the financial investments of its members. Financial investments range from the “base” amount plus employee count to an investment of several thousand dollars. In addition to membership investment, other sources of income are generated from projects to publications to sales of services, etc.

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